Paper Straws UK

Welcome to Paperlines UK! We are a UK based paper straw manufacturer selling paper straws to customers all across the world. We source responsibly and to that end we only buy fully traceable and biodegradable materials in order to provide the best value for our customers and the community in which we live. We love to work with old and new clients alike, where we can provide quality bulk paper straws at low prices. Contact us today!

Robust and Resilient Supply Chain

We are based in the South-West of the UK and source our materials responsibly. In fact, from our product through to our packaging, everything we send to our customer can be recycled, reused or is fully biodegradable. We are adamant our products are fit for the job but not for long afterwards!

Bulk Paper Straws Available

We offer bulk discounts prepared to go for catering food or occasions. The more you purchase the greater the discount. We likewise have a discount accumulation and if you need something specific, we can work with your image on designing an alternative. We ship Worldwide!


Why choose our paper straws?

Competitive Prices World Wide

UK manufactured with food safe paper sourced from European paper mills.

Quality Control

Our straws are produced to the highest Quality

Saving the Ocean

From our product to our packaging, we offer biodegradable, recyclable materials.

We offer a wide-range and selection of UK manufactured

paper straws. Browse our inventory or contact us today!


We offer a wide range of colours and different diameter straws from cocktail through to smoothie and bubble tea. Bulk discounts are available for large purchases. However if you need something specific, we can work with you to to ensure we meet your requirements. Get in touch. We ship Worldwide!